Power Of The Salt

Power Of The Salt

7th Jun 2015     |     Malayalam

Power Of The Salt

You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt loses its flavor, how shall it be seasoned? It is then good for nothing but to be thrown out and trampled underfoot by men.

Matthew 5.13

Salt, chemically known as sodium chloride, has nearly 14,000 known uses. About 28% of our body weight consists of this compound.

Salt was also a unit of trade in certain civilizations during Biblical times. Households with plenty of salt were considered well-off, as it had immense purchasing power. In Israel, most houses had salt cellars. Esteemed guests were given seats close to the salt cellar, as an indication of their importance.

When Jesus addresses us as “salt of the earth”, it is an expression of how much worth God gives us. Our God does not keep us at a distance. He holds us close to his heart by the blood of Jesus and honours us. In His eyes, we are valuable and significant.

Salt is formed by a chemical reaction. Similarly, for us to ‘become salt’, a reaction needs to happen in our heart. This occurs when we hear God’s Word, repent from sin and believe in Him. Faith and love for God will thus be revealed. This ‘reaction’ increases our worth, and God’s anointing flows in our life.

Salt is crucial for life. A drop in salt causes low BP and can even send a person into coma. Not just physically but spiritually too, the level of salt is important. As your surrender yourself into His hands, God will keep the level of saltiness in your life, and you will become fruitful for Him.

There are three main uses of salt:

1. Seasoning
Salt brings out flavor, and the taste of food is revealed when salt is added. Illnesses like depression are caused by a dip in the level of ‘saltiness’ in your life: you literally lose the taste of life. Those who have lost saltiness, tend to see the worst in people and talk ill of them. However, let your speech be seasoned with salt. Even if there is only one thing good about a person, highlight that when you speak, and bring out the best in them. Keep fellowship with spiritually salty people, who are on fire for God.

2. Preservation
Salt is a preservative – it guards freshness and prevents unwanted growth. When added to food stuffs, it arrests the bacteria. When added to soil, it checks any kind of growth. Spiritually, salt destroys unwanted traits like anger and jealousy. Salt preserves morality and authority, be it within family or church. When you get the revelation that Jesus has made you the salt of the earth, you will grow in holiness and obedience.

Retention of water
Salt retains water in your body. In water purifying systems, salt is used to remove impurities.

Also, salt melts ice. Some people have turned cold and frozen in spirit. But when salt is added, frozen experiences will vanish and the fire of the Holy Spirit will burn again.

Quite often, hearts go cold because you come to church for the wrong reasons. Are you looking to play politics, find fault or seek blessings without seeking Jesus? Then God cannot use you. He is looking to raise those who have the saltiness of the Holy Spirit within them: those who love God and wish to serve and obey Him.

YOU are the salt of the earth

In Matt 5.13, Jesus speaks of a personal application, that you are the salt of the earth. Each of us is required to be spiritually salty not just in church, but in the world as well. On every day of the week and in every situation, be the salt of the earth and witness for Christ.

All the apostles retained their saltiness unto the very end. The apostle Andrew, on the way to Damascus, was attacked for his preaching and ordered to be crucified. For three days he hung on the cross and suffered intense pain but continued to proclaim Christ’s love to everyone who passed by, until his last breath. Truly the salt of the earth!

What happens when you lose your saltiness? You lose respect and God’s protection. Jesus entered Jerusalem on a young donkey, and was greeted with exaltation and joy. But if the donkey walked down the same streets on its own, it would be chased out or ignored. For its saltiness – the presence of Christ – would no longer be there.

When you surrender yourself to Jesus and become the salt of the earth, you will be respected and honoured. When you stand for Christ, God will knock at your door and give your blessing.