From Then On

From Then On

16th Jun 2019     |     Malayalam

From Then On

  • From that moment on. God is going to give you a from then on moment. God’s Holy Spirit told me to tell you only this.
  • Today’s Lord ’s Table is going to turn into an extraordinary moment. A change, a shift in your way is at hand. Something is going to change in your life. The times ahead of you are times of God’s extraordinary move upon your life!

From this moment on, something is going to happen in each one of your lives. Let this minute be a divine moment for you.

  • When you read the Bible, there are moments that changed the lives of people. Some people may have come into the church as slaves of sin but there are times I have heard people say, “Pastor after you preached that sermon, I don’t feel that bondage of sin any more”.
  • Such are the moments in your lives today. Some say, “pastor I came with such a heavy burden in my heart, but when I worshipped with God’s people, that burden left me and the burden has never returned to me again”. Some people say, “Pastor I came into church today wanting to return back and commit suicide but when you prayed, that feeling left and I had a desire to live for Jesus,” These are divine moments,. There a moments when God’s Hand comes upon our lives and we are transformed and our lives are changed.
  • Today receive this Prophecy and let this moment be changed in a moment of transformation in your life.
  • You may have come empty but this moment you will be filled.
  • From that moment on, you will come under the Cross of Jesus Christ. Write in your diaries, FROM THIS MOMENT ON! You won’t go back the same way you came. There is something that God has done in your life, His hand has moved on your behalf. Praise Him for this moment.
  • There is something about such moments, it is that minute when you stand under the CROSS of Jesus and say, “YES LORD!”
  • Jesus fed the hungry, healed the sick, and did miracles amidst crowds. But at the Cross, Jesus was alone, there were no crowds there.
  • There is a moment in everybody’s life where you feel that you are alone. Those you love, those you prayed for etc have all left you and gone and you feel alone at such moments. But no matter who has left you or denied you, there is a God who says that even if your own father leaves you, I will never will never forget you.
  • Those are moments when you know that your deliverance is only in HIS presence.
  • There is something about you picking up the CROSS that will make the crowds to leave you.
  • When you make a decision to carry the Cross your old friends or your family members may leave you. I have such experiences. But that is for us to come to a point where we realise what is really important for us; whether it is to walk with crowds or to walk with Jesus.

There is a saying in leadership, you cannot lead the crowd unless you leave the crowd.

  • When Jesus spoke about carrying the Cross, Peter had said, “no need Lord”. Jesus actually rebuked him.
  • May be the world cannot see it, but if you are convicted that there is a Cross of Jesus that you are carrying, you are blessed. Lift your hands and thank the Lord for the great privilege to carry the Cross.
    • Jesus blinded on the Cross- When I was in Jerusalem recently, I went by the way of the Cross and saw the nails used to nail Jesus on the Cross and the thorns that were used to make the crown. One of the pointed nails had pierced through the eye of Jesus. Why? So that you can have the vision of your calling and purpose in Christ. Jesus was almost blind on the Cross so that you can see eternity
    • Stripes on His back- Jesus was whipped by the cat of nine tails. A whip with 9 different objects. One strike from that whip would feel like 9 strikes. The back of Jesus looked like as if the ploughers had ploughed on it. (That’s what the psalmist says). Why? By His stripes you are healed. It’s your legal right. It is not because of the laying on of hands of prophets but it is the sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross that gives you the legal papers and rights to walk in healing and health. Health was written on the back of Jesus
    • Jesus faced silence in the courts- Jesus was made to go through 6 courts. 3 religious courts and 3 political courts. There was silence in these courts. Sometimes we feel that when we pray, God is silent. The reason for that silence is so that HE can hear what you would say to Him in that silence. Would you still say, “Lord, I will still take refuge in you, trust in you even if you are silent. I will not bow my knees before Baal.” Would you say that? But most of the time, when God is silent, we begin to complain and murmur. But a blessed man and a joyful person is the one who will still have praises flowing from his lips even when the Lord is silent.
  • The dungeon in which Jesus was put in the palace of Caiaphas. A wooden cross was taken and placed on his back. Mark 15:21- Then they compelled a certain man, Simon a Cyrenian, the father of Alexander and Rufus, as he was coming out of the country and passing by, to bear His cross.
  • They compelled Simon to carry the Cross. Cyrenian, a part of northern Africa, now a part of Libya. Perhaps about 900 miles to Jerusalem. It must have taken him 3 to 4 weeks to travel with his family to Jerusalem by ship. Why was he travelling? He was coming to celebrate the Passover of the Jews.
  • Simon was a black man, an African. The one who picked up the cross first was an African black and the one who first spread the news about Jesus’s resurrection was a woman. God used the most excluded groups of the times- the black and women to do His work. You may be oppressed by men, but remember that God has a plan to use you for the gospel if you have the desire and if you surrender.
  • He came from the countryside. He was staying outside. He obviously did not have too much money. Jerusalem is expensive even today. Bethlehem is cheaper. Simon stayed in the countryside.
  • He was compelled. No other Jews were compelled to carry the cross. There could be a possible concern or stir if any Jew would have been compelled to carry the cross since it was the Passover. Simon would have thought- “I came here to celebrate the Passover. I came for a good task and here am I being forced to carry the cross of some criminal!” Sometimes, you feel you stepped out to know Jesus and with good intention but things turned difficult, you experienced humiliation and neglect. But do not be troubled. God has a blessing for you because you were willing to carry the Cross. This man carried the cross and his life was changed forever.
A GENERATIONAL BLESSING FOR THOSE WHO CARRY THE CROSS Acts 13:1- Now in the church that was at Antioch there were certain prophets and teachers: Barnabas, Simeon who was called Niger, Lucius of Cyrene, Manaen who had been brought up with Herod the tetrarch, and Saul.
  • Bible scholars believe that this is the same Simon, the black man. The man who was among the anointed prophets in the church of Antioch. God gave him this privilege because he had carried the cross.
  • You may not be able to see it today but in future you will see that God will lift you to heights that you never imagined in this life and do great things through you because you carried the cross.
  • It was in the church of Antioch that the Holy Spirit chose Paul and Barnabas and separated them for missionary activity. The greatest missionary Paul was touched by this man, Simon. Sometime when you go through troubles, you feel it was of no use to carry the cross. You may not be able to imagine but many missionaries, apostles, prophets will be released into ministries through you and the laying on of your hands. Romans 16:13-13 Greet Rufus, chosen in the Lord, and his mother and mine.
  • Simon’s wife had become like a Mother to Paul.
  • Rufus was Simon’s son and he became significant in the Roman church. Your generation will become significant because you carried the Cross.
  • This was written for the Roman church. If a black man’s son could rise to a position of importance in a Roman church, how much more would the Lord do through each of you.
  • Prophecy: Some of you here will be used by the Lord for Europe. Receive it. You and your generation will be used in the churches of Europe. I release the anointing. Let roads be opened up in the continent of Europe for the church of Europe. Let your generation rise up to importance in the church of Europe.
  • The Cross is symbolic of death and shame.
  • That means
    • Putting to death everything that is in opposition to the Lord.
    • Suffering shame for the sake of the Cross.
  • Victory in the place of defeat- Jesus was hung on a tree (Galatians 3 says). God created that Tree and God’s son was sacrificed on it. That same Cross was pinned in the mud which God had used to create man.
  • The first Adam, because of one tree disobeyed the Lord and fell and the last Adam, which is Christ Jesus, hung on a tree in obedience to the Lord. The very place where the first Adam failed, the second Adam won! It is this victorious Jesus who dwells inside of you. It is because of this truth that you will never fail.
  • Sin’s power broken- For 6 hours, on the Cross, the Judgement of God was revealed. The sun could not look at the Son! It was darkened. The sinless became sinful. On that Cross He took your sin. The judgement that was meant for me was taken by Him.
  • The biggest exchange happened on that Cross. The anger of the Lord which was meant for me was taken by the Lord Jesus.
  • If you don’t feel anything when you hear this, your love for Jesus has gone cold. This message, no matter how many times you hear it, must stir joy and gratitude in your hearts.
  • Satan crushed- On the Cross he crushed the head of Satan.
JESUS SAYS, “DEAR WOMAN” He said to His mother, “Woman, behold your son!” 27 Then He said to the disciple, “Behold your mother!”
  • We read the word that Jesus uttered on the Cross, not in frustration, anger or impatience. But the Greek version translates into “dear woman”.
  • Mary’s first born was Jesus, born of the Spirit. Joseph has passed away. Jesus did the work of a carpenter do support his family. He played the role of the oldest son and took the responsibility of the family.
  • Along with the big thing that the Son of God had to do for the world, He did not forget the little thing which was to take care of his mother. Even your faintest insecurities and fears are noted by the Lord in heaven.
  • From this moment on, even in the smallest things and aspects of your life, Jesus wants to be involved.
  • Mary has already lost her husband and she was about to lose her son.
  • Jesus could have been very strong and could have rebuked her saying- “have you forgotten what all I taught you. Don’t you now that I will rise again on the third day. Stop crying!”
  • He did not belittle her emotions. He understood. God is calling some of you to correct relationships within families. Don’t forget your father and mother. Do what you need to do for them.
  • There, on the Cross, Jesus did not commit Mary to Peter who would waver in faith, Thomas who would doubt him, or Judas who betrayed him but to John, the disciple whom the Lord loved.
  • From that minute John took Mary to his own home and treated Mary as his own mother.
  • John was an apostle, he was to write the book of Revelation. He was called for great things! But he obeyed in the small things.
  • Some people when they become big positions, they forget their small beginnings. They forget the church, the people who prayed for them.
  • God will give. God has not forgotten your need. HE WILL GIVE.
  • If God gave Mary, his disciple John, what did God give us? He gave us His Holy Spirit.
  • John 16:7- Nevertheless I tell you the truth. It is to your advantage that I go away; for if I do not go away, the Helper will not come to you; but if I depart, I will send Him to you.
  • Romans 8 moment- when we do not even know how to pray, even that the Holy Spirit will help us with. When you don’t know whom to marry, the Holy Spirit will help you. The Spirt will help you decide where to build your house and how to move forward. Even when the enemy comes against you, the Holy Spirit will help you. He will stand in front of you and defend you.
  • Greek word- Comforter- an Advocate, Parakletos, Defence attorney
  • The Holy Spirit is a defence attorney. He will defend you even when you are guilty. You may have done something stupid but you are still God’s stupid!
  • The Lord will give you the Holy Spirit. The Bible say that JESUS Himself will baptise us with the Holy Spirit. I am a gracious giver, says the Lord.
  • If you are ready to carry the Cross of Jesus, HE will graciously give you the Holy Spirit.