Daughters, Arise

Daughters, Arise

25th Sep 2022     |     Malayalam

Daughters, Arise

Sunday Sermon by Pastor Rajesh Mathew, 25 September 2022 

Luke 8:54- 54 But He [a]put them all outside, took her by the hand and called, saying, “Little girl, arise.” 

Judges 5:7- Village life ceased, it ceased in Israel, Until I, Deborah, arose, Arose a mother in Israel. 

  • This morning there is power in GOD’s word. No matter what thief has tried to enter your home, no matter what trap and evil plan the enemy has laid out for you, today the Word of Jesus Christ will destroy it.
  • Today is DAUGHTER’s DAY. The Holy Spirit has compelled me to speak this Word and that’ why I am. Daughters arise! Rise up from where you are lying! 
  • This is a prophecy for the spiritual daughters. DAUGHTERS RISE! How many of you have daughters? Open your mouth and say it- ‘daughters arise! That anointing is called The Deborah anointing that causes you to arise and get up 

God took time to create women. Everything else was created soon. 

  • He said it was all good. He took time to make women and made them to perfection. What men did not have, God gave women. He gave them a womb to birth forth something.
  • What is inside of you will be brought forth from you women. An anointing that will cause you to give birth. Some of you women who trust God, who take refuge in Jesus, who love the Lord, will experience this anointing come upon you to birth forth something in this season of your life.
  • Naomi had two daughters in law, Ruth and Orpah. Ruth decided to follow the God of Naomi but Orpah went back. According to the Jewish tradition, on her way back, it is believed that she was violated by the dacoits and she brought forth the genealogy of Goliath, certain demonic things. Those things that are displeasing to god, those things that are against the church of Good, were birthed through her.
  • Bur what came out of Ruth was Jesse, Obed, David. Royalty came through her. Let certain blessings and those things that will benefit the Kingdome come forth from you. Whether it is in business, family, ministry. Let it come forth from you this day 

The Lord gave women a Womb 

The devil deceived Eve. God asked Adam what happened and he complained about Eve and put the blame on her. God asked Eve and she did not blame anybody. She is relational. She said it was the serpent who deceived her. God told Adam, “I won't grant you anything.” That’s why Proverbs 18 says, He who finds a wife finds a good thing. That means that God won’t simply grant but you need to go finding for the right one.

Only those who value what God has given them will be positioned to receive even more from the Lord- Whether it is ministry, grace, business etc.

Say, “I refuse to blame God”. 

  • Jairus's 12-year-old daughter had died. You all know this story. She was about to start her teens, just a season where she was going to begin her womanhood. It was a season where she would be ready to birth forth something. Before that her lie was being taken away.
  • The Lord said to me- The demonic powers that are trying to destroy you just before you birth forth blessings, is cancelled. The plans of the enemy that are trying to block your move into your blessing are being broken this morning. You will bring forth faith. You will birth giftings, life. Ministries will come forth through you. Jesus is cancelling every power of the devil.

Before you begin to blossom, the enemy tries to destroy them. But those who fast, pray and worship and believe the Word, there will be a life flowing through you to cancel every power of the devil! It is working for you!

  • Some of you are dying. Some of you are already dead.


  1. Negative words 
  • Negative words will kill a woman. Words that tell you, ‘you are nobody, you won’t get anywhere, you will never progress’. God is silencing such voices. The Holy Spirit is breaking the power of such words spoken over you and is steering you into your blessing.
  • The devil wants you to be lying on the floor. He wants to crush and make sure you don’t get up from there. He uses words against you. God has a plan over the daughters. You need to become something and get to some place.
  • The devil wants you lie on the ground. But you are a woman with potential. God wants to rise you up, God wants to use you.
  • The grace of God is there to raise you and strengthen you. It is not God’s intention that you be left lying down like that. 
  • People keep women lying down by using words that hurt and demean- “Don’t you know that you are a woman”. “What is there in your head? Only mud!” “You are not even good looking.” “You can’t even cook like your mother.” “You are 35 and still unmarried”. 
  • Tell them there is a Jesus who loves you. He will hold your hand and raise you up. He says “Daughter arise”! He will cause you to get up and arise! 

People will say something is wrong with you. But you are going to raise up. 

  • How many women here go to sleep with tears in their eyes, crying themselves to sleep. But heavens have seen them. You are not called to sleep in tears. God has other plans. The voices that make you feel bad. Today that bondage will break. 

Some of you are dying by Inferiority complex. There is no confidence. The Lord is going to raise up a generation of women who will come out of this bondage and will do double of what men have done for the glory of God.

  • When Jesus was going to Jairus’s house, a woman with the issue of blood for 12 years met him. Even there the reference is made to 12 years. God's power left Jesus and she was set free.

Recently someone was telling me about a testimony about a lady they had brought to church. She was from another country and she had no faith in God. But she attended just one service and her life changed completely. She gave her life to the Lord and she is changed person now. That is what God’s power can do. There are many women sitting here, and the Holy Spirit knows your struggles, challenges, issues.

  • She was healed of the issue of blood. Everybody has issues- financial, marital, children issues 

But no matter what issues you face, there is a Person you can touch and follow- the PERSON OF JESUS CHRIST 

  • The God who made the heavens and the earth is there for you. He will strengthen you and anoint you. 
  • Why do marital issues occur? Because the devil wants your marital life to lie dead. There are people who do not want your financial life to improve. There are people who don't want you to find God's blessing and God’s purpose. 

How will you arise?

  1. Move away from religious thinking- Jairus’s daughter, the ruler over the synagogue. He left the church, its tradition, laws, and understood that he needs to fall at the feet of Jesus if he needs to rise up. Laws and rules won’t bring him out of his problem but he needed to fall at the feet of Jesus to obtain the life of Jesus, the One who died for us on the Cross and rose again on the third day. 

You can't be sitting there in religion and expect to rise up 

If you have a father like that, daughters will rise. Fathers who are ready to fall at the feet of Jesus. 

Where is your father? 

  • Jairus could have continued sitting in the synagogue. Donating chairs and buying oil for the lamp but what is most important is to build the lives of people. There is an anointing placed upon certain people here to build those who are broken, pained, in distress, lifeless and hopeless. God is raising such fathers here in this church to fulfil that ministry. 
  • There are people who don’t build people. Their ministries are more important to them. Their picture in pamphlets is more important to them. But all that is unnecessary. What is important is that you see the people that God is sending to you and make sure that their 

lives are built and they are walking in the blessing and in the purpose of God. That is the Father’s heart! 

We need a father’s heart 

  • I will arise financial, in health, in ministry, for the kingdom of God and my children will arise too. I have a heavenly father. I will not lie in ashes.
  • Some people are looking for excuse to keep lying down dead. However, hard we try to rise them up, they will still decide to keep lying down. They will recount all the worst things that have happened. Don’t cry over spilt milk. 

Daughters are not allowed to carry excess luggage. Lay it down at the feet of Jesus. • I have made mistakes but I will raise up. It is my season to arise. 

  1. When Jesus came to Jairus’s house, people said that there was no point in calling Jesus because the girls I dead. They were all crying. 
  • They felt it is over for this family nor this person. There are many people crying thinking you are dead. But their crying will be in vain. Jesus is coming to raise me up. 

It takes a father and a mother to raise up a daughter. 


You will arise by the level of people God sends your way.

  • Whether it is in business or any other area of your life. Either by choice or by force, you should rise. God will send such people into your life in this season! God has not called you to lie on the ground.

The Holy Spirit is saying this to someone- you will never go down. You will only go up from here. You will not even go down an inch.

  • God is lifting you up, He will keep on lifting you up! His presence will keep lifting you up. WHO WILL LIFT YOU?
  1. The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit 
  2. Human factor- the people that God sends your way.
  • Jairus’s daughter rose up and moved towards her destiny. God rises you up to lift you up and move you into your destiny. 

There are four kinds of people

  1. People who come into your life only to hinder you and to halt you. They exist only to tell you what not to do.

The things that make a person successful are invisible. Faith is invisible.

  • Invisible hand of God will move. Faith is invisible. But the that make you fail are visible. Many a time they are visible.
  • Delete people from your life who will halt you and hinder you. Don’t trust everybody around you. Tell the person next to you- don’t trust everybody even if they come to church.
  • Everyone can't be your friend. How many of you came to church only praying that everybody grows to the next level? That’s the reality. People will want you to grow but only until a certain level and not beyond that. 

Forgive and love everybody but don't trust everybody. 

  1. People who are trying to hurt and afflict you. 
  • There are people who are happy just because you are not happy. There are Peninahs in your life. They speak words to hurt you.
  • Somebody said to me will God ever use someone like you. I heard this from someone when I stepped out for God.
  • Everybody starts at the lowest level but God will rise you up and take you higher. There is only one wo starts form the top. Do you know who it is? The guy pouring soil on the coffin in the cemetery. 
  • Everyone raises up from the lowest level. Don’t try to grow from the top. Tell the Lord, hold me and make me grow up little by little, from the bottom to the top. Even in your career, you may be a peon in a company but may the Lord raise you up to be a manager.
  • He will hold your hand and drive up level by level. 
  • Some people want to be used powerfully by God. They want double portion even before they were anointed. They want to see angels and have visitations.
  1. People who want to have you. They want to possess you. They try to separate you from people who are good for you. They distort facts. Through friendship they will distort facts. They want to hold you tight. They won't make you grow. They will stop you from mixing with people of God.
  • They have anger inside of them. They will try to separate you from the very people who are ordained by God to build you. 
  • The human factor is always there. 
  • Jesus came in the flesh 2000 years ago, died and rose again and he will come back again but until then His presence is moving here on the earth through people to build you 
  • They will make you doubt the people who will really love you. They know to use the rights words and right statements. 
  • They don’t have what it takes to take you to the next level. They will keep you in your current level. 
  • May the Lord grant you the spirit of wisdom. Holy Spirit help me to be wise and to understand the people around me. 
  1. The people who help you.

These are persons like Jairus. May you recognise the people who God has sent to help you. Holy Spirit open my eyes. Identify the relationships in your life. 

After God, it is you who can raise yourself up. 


  1. After God, you are next person who has the capacity to raise yourself up. • Therefore, you need to have faith in yourself. 
  • How are you looking at your life is important? You have to like yourself. You are your first helper after GOD. 
  • God will forgive the mistakes you have made but you also need to forgive yourself or else it will stay within you unresolved.
  1. Then it your spouse. Husbands and wives don’t even talk to each other in some homes. • If you keep fighting with each other, your families will be destroyed. But this morning I decree a blessing and may your family rise up to the next level.

Hypersensitivity to what people will say will bring you down. 

  • Just listen to what God is saying. Don't worry about what people will say. Such thoughts will make you stay lower. People will talk if you succeed and also if you fail. So, isn’t it better fi you succeed? 
  • If you are wealthy, they will talk and if you are poor, they will still talk. Isn’t it better that you are wealthy!? 
  • Some people do not know how to handle compliments. You should treat it like bubble gum. When people compliment you, chew it for sometime and then spit it out. Don’t swallow it! Just learn to give glory to God! 

God will take you to the next level. 

  • In your marriage your words will rise up your children and your family life.

13 meaningful touches every day that a husband should give his wife. That will help psychological heal and offer you assurance. Just holding hands. Go home and practice. I am just talking about your spouses and not somebody else! 

  1. Your spiritual relationship 

Pastors and men of God over your life are worthy double honour.