5th Feb 2023     |     Malayalam


Sunday Sermon by Pastor Rajesh Mathew on 5 February 2023 

Obadiah 17: But upon mount Zion shall be deliverance, and there shall be holiness, and the house of Jacob shall possess their possessions. 

  • There shall be deliverance in Zion (in the church of God), if you walk in deliverance, you will walk in holiness. If you walk in holiness, you will be able to possess your inheritance. • Whatever Promises God has spoken to you, you will be able to possess it.

The Holy Spirit will fill you with grace and the Presence of God at the beginning of the 2nd month.

No matter what bondage you find yourself in, there is deliverance. You won’t struggle to walk in holiness. There is a deliverance that the Holy Spirit will bring. Certain sinful natures will be broken off from your lives. Take it by faith. Glorify God. The powers that dragged you into sinful bondages, will leave your life this morning. May you be holy unto the Lord. May certain families be holy and set apart for God.

  • “GO-GETTERS”- Go, get what is rightfully yours. Are you convinced that your healing is rightfully yours, from the Word, then this morning, get ready to receive it! 
  • Whatever God has given you as an inheritance, whether it is ministry, financial blessing, or any other blessing in your life, based on the faith you have in God’s Word, this morning is for you to take hold of it.
  • This is the second month, Adam. The first Adam brought you into sin. And the Last Adam, the Christ, led us into righteousness. we can walk practically, in this righteousness, based on the deliverance we receive in Mount Zion. 

In Zion, there is deliverance, holiness and possessing the inheritance of God. 

  • Certain inheritances belong to you legally. But they are stuck somewhere. You are unable to obtain them. It may be your house, land or any other thing that is rightfully yours. May the Lord’s delivering power come upon these and release it to you in Jesus’ name. 

What is rightfully yours to come into your life from wherever it is stuck. May the Lord bring supernatural deliverances into your life. Look at somebody and say, I receive it in Jesus’ Name.

  • In the Old Testament, there are certain people, when you look at them you think that they have a monopoly with God. Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. They heard the voice of God, they saw the God of glory, they saw open heavens, they saw supernatural deliverances, breakthroughs and protection, and there was fear in the midst of their enemies when their very name was taken. Whatever promises were given to them by God, came to pass.

Our God is a God of the generations. Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. May the powers of darkness that are keeping you from experiencing the generational blessing in Christ be broken. 

  • The God of Glory appeared to Abraham. He stepped out from the Ur of Chaldeans, like the nomads. But the place that he saw and walked on was given to Him as an inheritance by the Lord. He lived in tents, he built altars and sacrificed and heard the voice of God.

In Genesis 14:22, Abraham uses a word to describe God. The Possessor of Heaven and Earth.

But Abram said to the king of Sodom, “I have lifted my hand to the LORD, God Most High, Possessor of heaven and earth, 

  • The possessor of heaven and earth- the Lord is the One who is able to bless you on earth and in heaven. Spiritual blessings and earthly blessings, there are both kinds of inheritances for you, both on earth and in heaven. You can experience both! If you have a covenant with God and if you are ready to walk with God constantly listening to His voice, you can experience both. The One who possesses heaven and earth is faithful! 
  • Out of Abraham came the Israelites. He became the Father of the nations. He had stepped out with nothing. He children and grandchildren enjoyed the inheritance.

Genesis 25:7- These are all the years of Abraham's life that he lived, 175 years. 

  • ABRAHAMlived 175 years. Even long life is an inheritance. The Lord says that he will satisfy us with LONG LIFE! Abraham’s son Isaac was born and he lived for 180 years! Longer than his Father Abraham. 

Abraham possessed certain inheritances by battling but Isaac was a man of peace. He doesn’t get into strife. May there be more people of peace in the church. Such people will live longer. 

  • ISAAC was a man of peace. Though the philistines closed the wells he dug, he did not fight and attack but he just trusted in God to open up a well for him. You will live longer if you are a person of peace and no strife. Certain people will fight in a court of law for their inheritance. That stress is sufficient to reduce your life span! 

One man of God met me last week- his father passed away just a week ago. He was 104 years old. And until 104 years, he would never miss his worship and prayer time or even reading of the Word. Just a week before he died also, he would walk out and buy things from shops and he would refuse to be tied down at home. What a blessing and what a legacy! 

The overflow is in such a way that generations will experience it! 

  • JACOB, is the third in the lineage. He was the most blessed. When Abraham died, Ishmael and Isaac came to bury him and when Isaac died, his wife was there but when Jacob died, two nations came to bury and mourn for him.

That is the power of inheritance.

The generation that walks with God is blessed. From one generation to another, the blessings only increase! 

  • May blessing and lifespan keep on increasing because of your inheritance in God and the generational blessing in Christ. 
  • Jacob had an all-night prayer at the Brook of Jabok. May you possess your inheritance. • For 20 years, Jacob was cheated by Laban. But despite that Jacob increased even more than Laban. Maybe people have cheated you for years but God will make you greater than all those who cheated you. God is releasing grace upon your life to bless you. God will give you wisdom and intellectual understanding more than what the people of the world have, in order to prosper and be successful.

Genesis 50:2 - And Joseph fell upon his father's face, and wept upon him, and kissed him. [2] And Joseph commanded his servants the physicians to embalm his father: and the 

physicians embalmed Israel. Taking a full forty days, for that was the time required for embalming. And the Egyptians mourned for him seventy days. 

  • JOSEPH- During the time of Joseph, there were physicians in his vicinity, in his home.

This is a prophecy for some of you- event organisers, bankers, lawyers, doctors, all of them will be in your company, God will raise them up for you.

  • The children of Jacob mourned his death. Not only them but even the nation of Egypt mourned for him for 70 days. They mourned for a Jacob for 70 days. Almost 100 days of mourning for Jacob. God honoured Jacob. Can you imagine this?1 
  • May the Lord honour you in your home, in your family, and in your church. This is not by men but by the Lord. This is not what you can grab but what is given to you in the name of Jesus. 

Genesis 50:9-10- chariots and horsemen[a] also went up with him. It was a very large company. 10 When they reached the threshing floor of Atad, near the Jordan, they lamented loudly and bitterly; and there Joseph observed a seven-day period of mourning for his father. 

  • The entire nation went to bury him. Can you imagine this? Nobody was there in the city. Everybody has gone to bury Joseph’s father- Jacob. God is honouring this person. 

There is deliverance, holiness and inheritance in Mount Zion. Both spiritual and material blessings. May you be strengthened to possess them. 


1- Spiritual Inheritance

  • This refers to your destiny in God. To do what God has purposed for you in order to fulfil His plan for you, the very reason why you were born. Not to do what you want but to do what God wants from you. 
  • When some people die, you know in your spirit that they have not fulfilled the plan of God. They may have been successful and may have done a lot according to their desires but the work of the Lord intended for that person is left unfinished. You feel a burden in your spirit. May that never happen to you. May you only do what God wants you to do. Ask the Lord to help you fulfil all His plans. 

Nehemiah 4:14- 14 After I looked things over, I stood up and said to the nobles, the officials and the rest of the people, “Don’t be afraid of them. Remember the Lord, who is great and awesome, and fight for your families, your sons and your daughters, your wives and your homes.” 

Nehemiah tells the people what God told him to do. 

THREE THINGS Nehemiah said 

1) LOOK 



  • You need to look…you need to have a seeking heart
  • You need to stand…you can’t be sitting in the same place and expect to see the inheritance God has kept for you. if you sit in the same place, you will only see your needs, not the inheritance. • Then you need to speak…you have to call forth the things you are not as they are. God wants you

to use your tongue very well. There are certain things that will come to pass in your life just by the things you will call forth using your tongue.

Those verses also talk about 3 kinds of people- Nobles, leaders and the Rest 

  • There are these three categories of people in the church- 1) Nobles 2) Leaders and 3) the Rest • Nehemiah is saying to all these three categories something very important- ‘You need to fight for your wives, your children, your homes, your possessions.’ That’s a good battle. He did not say fight WITH your wives but he says fight FOR your wives. Wives, say it to your husbands. Tell them- FIGHT FOR ME. Say it with all your heart. Let it be prophetic over your lives.

Let the altars be rebuilt in your homes. Let men be prophetsin your home, may they hear from heavenon what to do for the family, may they lead the family in the Name of Jesus, may they seek God and worship Him.

  • Nehemiah says- ‘Do NOT be afraid of them’. Fear is a big problem. People are fearful to even admit that they are fearful! Some don’t want to get married because they are scared. Some don’t want to have kids because they are afraid of labour pains. Do not be afraid! 

If you need to possess your inheritance, you need to have faith and not fear. 

  • During the second world war, more people died because of fear rather than bullets. • People who are fearful cannot experience the inheritance of God. May that spirit of fear be broken out of your lives. Stand up, see and Speak! 


  • Do not be afraid, you need to say “your God is an awesome God. He is a great and mighty God.” My God is an awesome God. When you are faced with a problem, you need to say My God is an awesome God.
  • Tell the devil, ‘don’t mess with me, My God is Big. When you prophetically speak over your situations or on your body, you will see God’s glory manifest. 

The Holy Spirit says, “because we serve an awesome God, we will have awesome families in this church.”

  • Stand up and fight for your wives, your children and your possessions. Not one should miss out. No one should walk in unholiness. No one should have poor health or die early. Stand up and look at the promises that God has given you and speak! 
  • Prophesy over your children. Then you will see the blessing. You will be blessed. God will do what He has intended.
  • Done say Ke sera sera, whatever will be will be and sit! Don’t say that. If your child is going astray, go down on your knees and fight for them and declare that they will serve the Lord. It is my inheritance. Your fight is not against a man but in the spirit realm.

Our God is a great and awesome God. Do you know why? Because HE wants us to possess.

  • You have to rise up above normal things if you want to serve God. You need to arise if you want to experience God’s vision. 
  • A man with no vision cannot lead an army.

Look at what your inheritance is. Battle for it in the spirit. 

  • The children of a famous footballers will want to become a footballer. Tendulkar’s son will want to become a cricketer. Even a child of a believer must want to live a believer’s life. Or else something is wrong somewhere.
  • You need to pray for your kids. If you pray in tongues, your children will have the desire to worship Jesus and pray in tongues like you. May your children and you not get into any curse but take your inheritance by looking to the Lord who is Awesome. 


  1. Nobles- Noble means belonging to a hereditary clan with a higher political and social status. When we were born again in Jesus Christ, we are of the tribe of Judah. A Noble is someone showing fine personal qualities or moral values. A person of noble birth or rank. • You can acquire a noble rank because Jesus died for us on the CROSS. We are a royal priesthood and are kings in Jesus Christ.
  • The Nobel Peace Prize is given to people who excel in a particular field. 

This battle is for a nobility to show forth through your life. 

  1. Leader- A leader always commands a group.
  • Every plant has a stem and shoot. A given shoot rises above other shoots. It’s a leader. If you want to be like everyone else in your family, then why do you need to possess your inheritance? But God makes you separate from others and increases you. Makes you higher. You don’t walk like the rest of your family. You don’t talk like the rest of your family. 

You should arise in your worship, in your giving unto God. You need to arise! 

  • Prime Minister means a Prime Leader. God wants to make you a prime leader in your lifetime.
  • Mount Zion has deliverance, has holiness and there is possession of the inheritance. May you be taken into a realm where you possess your inheritance. 
  • Possessor of heaven and earth, the spiritual and material blessings are yours. So, get up, see and speak. The Lord will make you a noble, leader and the rest. 
  1. The rest- The third category is REST. It means the others. But it also means the ones who are at rest. Not worried and anxious but those at rest! 

We will be blessed, my church, my family will be blessed. Be certain of this!