Ask For Your Inheritance

Ask For Your Inheritance

12th Feb 2023     |     Malayalam

Ask For Your Inheritance

Sunday Sermon by Pastor Rajesh Mathew, 12 February 2023 

Numbers 27:1-7- 1 Then came the daughters of Zelophehad, the son of Hepher, the son of Gilead, the son of Machir, the son of Manasseh, of the families of Manasseh the son of Joseph: and these are the names of his daughters; Mahlah, Noah, and Hoglah, and Milcah, and Tirzah. And stood before Moses, Eleazar the priest, the leaders and the whole assembly at the entrance to the tent of meeting and said, 3 “Our father died in the wilderness. He was not among Korah’s followers, who banded together against the Lord, but he died for his own sin and left no sons. 4 Why should our father’s name disappear from his clan because he had no son? Give us property among our father’s relatives.” 5 So Moses brought their case before the Lord, 6 and the Lord said to him, 7 “What Zelophehad’s daughters are saying is right. You must certainly give them property as an inheritance among their father’s relatives and give their father’s inheritance to them. 

God is doing great things in the world and in our country. Not one of you should miss out on this Holy Spirit move. Each of you must be at the centre of what God is doing in our country.

  • Cry out to the Lord- “Lord use me in your move in what you are doing in the world. I and my family will also be a part of the move of the Holy Spirit on the earth.” Declare it by faith.

The biggest hindrance to the move of the Holy Spirit is not the devil. It is a religious spirit. 

  • There is also the Christian religion. You will pray, pay tithes, read the Bible and all that but you don’t have a personal intimate relationship with the Lord Jesus. There are people like that sitting even here. That is the religious spirit that opposes the free move of the Holy Spirit. 
  • Tell the Lord, ‘I don’t want to be a roadblock to the move of the Holy Spirit. I want to be yielded to the move of the Holy Spirit”. If you say so, God will do supernatural things. • It was the Jewish religion that killed Jesus. The Jewish religion and the religious people chased Paul out from one village to another.

Religion is not the heart-depth but brain-depth. They have the Word but nothing beyond that. 

  • But this morning you need to get out of that. Even if you don’t come to this church, you need to walk closely with the Holy Spirit wherever you are. When the Holy Spirit moves, we need to have faith. 
  • In Mark 2, Jesus saw their faith. Faith can be seen. If you can see faith, you can also see unbelief. God is looking at your heart to see if there is faith. Jesus looked at the four people who let down the paralysed man from the roof. Today if there is faith in your heart, no matter what you have let down into the presence of God, there is a miracle there. The issue will not remain in the same way that it was when you let them down. It will stand up and walk. God will act in such a way that will glorify Him. If there is faith in your heart, clap your hands and pray in the Spirit. Glory to God. God looks at the paralysed man and says, your sins are forgiven you”. Wonder what sin he may have committed lying down. But God saw him. God saw his heart.

You may be jumping and praying this morning but God looks at your heart. 

  • No matter what sin you have committed, the Blood of Jesus can make you righteous so that the accuser cannot accuse you. Look at the way Jesus looks.

Look at the person sitting next to you and see them through the eyes of Christ. May your spiritual; eyes be opened may yous be able to see people as Jesus sees them.

  • To accept people as the Lord accepts them. To see not their bondage but to see the deliverances that God has kept for them. “Help me to be like that Lord, to see like that Lord, to have a heart like yours, Lord”.
  • Not only see how the Lord sees, but also speak as the Lord speaks.

SAMSON TEARS THE LION APART: There is something in the Bible that touched me--When Samson was walking, a young lion leapt towards him. He actually tore that lion into pieces. It is difficult for us to tear even a thick paper, but imagine Samson tearing that lion apart. What we need is the anointing and the strength of the Holy Spirit. You need that to tear the problem that leaps at you.

No matter what comes in your way to destroy you, the anointing of God upon your life will tear it into pieces. That is the end of the problem that targets you! 

  • In Judges 14, we see that Samson did not tell even his parents what had happened. • If it was in our times, we would have taken a selfie and put it on our social media handles. Why did he not do it? He did not tell them because they wouldn’t have believed it. They hadn’t even killed a cat in their lives, how would they believe that Samson had killed a lion?! If you have had at least a small encounter with the Spirit of God, you can believe this but if you have not tasted the power of God, then you will find it difficult to believe this.
  • If you know the move of God, you will celebrate and clap your hands and worship Him when you hear about the things that the Lord is doing. Every week people share testimonies. Last week somebody shared that a person came forward to invest 3 million dollars into his business, without even being asked for it. Really? Is that possible? Can you believe this? 

You cannot believe this if you have not killed even a tiny cat before. If you have not experienced God’s power before how can you believe in such miracles? When I went to North India, I heard of a woman who was old and illiterate but won an entire village to Christ! You would wonder if this is really true. Here, we are listening to the Word week after week, wonderful sermons and still can’t bring a soul to God. How could an old poor illiterate woman bring a village to God? You doubt it because you haven’t killed even a cat! 

Let the religious mentality leave us. 

God is healing a spine right now.

In Judges 14 we read that Samson had nothing in his hands. Not even a pen knife! It was only the power of God that helped him tear that lion apart.

In 2023, God will do things so amazingly that all will know and you will know that it is not your intelligence, not your talent and capacity but only His power. God will do things for you in such a way that you will declare that this is the doing of the Lord.


  1. Be conscious and convinced that God has called you
  • Are you sure that God has called you? A young girl gave Paul Yonggicho a Bible when he was almost on his deathbed, given only 15 days to live after having contracted TB. He asked her to show her the part of the Bible he had to read since he had such little time. She asked him to read from the book of Matthew. When he started and he came to Matthew 21, he read- “when you 

pray, believe you have received it”. That Word started to work in His life and the man who was given only 15 days to live was changed into the pastor of the world’s largest church. Today, if the Word works in you and if the Holy Spirit comes upon a problem, there is a solution, there is definitely going to be a shift! God has called you! 

  • 1 Timothy 1 says God had counted me faithful and entrusted me with this ministry. Not that we are faithful but God has counted us faithful as people where His ability and power can manifest through, for His glory. I don’t think my father and mother will look at my life and say that I can be a candidate to be called by God. Neither can my friends, they would never see me as someone God could call. God called me just as I am, not good-looking, not talented, not successful. 

But if God has called you, God will make you into something, you only need to be yielded. 

  • God did not consult anybody before calling you. Can God call you after consulting your old school friends? He did not consult your business partners to call you. He did not consult your pastor before calling you. He called you even before the foundation of the world was laid, even before you were conceived in the womb of your mother, and even before you committed any wrongdoing or sin, He called you in Christ Jesus. You are called by God! 
  • Only if you have that consciousness that God saw you before anything else, before you did anything, that’s when you can be sure that God can still make you into what He has intended you to be.

If you can surrender to Him and say ‘yes Lord, work in me’, the Lord the Holy Spirit will come down on you and transform you and make you exactly how He intended you to be. 

  • Do not quench the Holy Spirit. Do not grieve, quench or resist the Holy Spirit of God.

Even in ministry, remember this, even when you become a minister of the Lord, do not grieve the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit shows up and we still don’t stop ministering. Do you understand what I am trying to say? Our ministry is only to facilitate and make way for the Holy Spirit to move. Once you understand the Holy Spirit has shown up, step back and make way for Him. Don’t stand there trying to finish off all your points. In your prayer closet once you know that the Lord has come down, then the power has come to tear your lions down.

Going back to scripture we read from Numbers 27- If the children whom God has called have an inheritance, there was only one way that they could receive that inheritance and that is if they were boys.

  • According to the Law of Moses, if a person had sons, the inheritance would go to sons, if they had only daughters, the daughters would receive nothing but the inheritance would go to the friends of the person who owned the inheritance. 
  • Here the five daughters are presenting their case before Moses in the scripture we read from Numbers 27. Their father had died; He did not have any sons; Their father was not a part of the rebellion of Korah; He only died in his own sins; He wasn’t a part of any church politics. He had small sins like one peg or some chewing gum and maybe a smoke or two once in a way; He had some personality problems but he wasn’t a part of the rebellion of Korah.
  • When you read the Book of Numbers, Korah rebelled against Moses. Why should Moses lead, Did God call only Moses? Can God speak only through Moses? And soon, some people got together with Korah, but his own children stood away from this rebellion. But this person (the father of the five daughters) was not a part of that rebellion.

Acts 7:38- 38 “This is he who was in the congregation in the wilderness with the Angel who spoke to him on Mount Sinai, and with our fathers, the one who received the living oracles to give to us, 

  • The Old Testament church or the church in the wilderness is what we are speaking of here. Moses is leading the church in the wilderness towards a specific purpose, to lead the church into the land of milk and honey and when this was happening, some people started to rebel against Moses.
  • The daughters came forward and claimed their inheritance by stating that their father was not a part of this rebellion. 

If you want to possess the inheritance from God, make sure that you are not a part of the rebel camp and neither are you standing against the man of God that the Lord has placed over your life. 

  • Be submitted to the Shepherd over your life. God will lead you too! The Holy Spirit will lead you too into your promised land. 
  • When Korah stood against Moses, he was standing against God!
  1. The girls had faith- These daughters couldn’t go before the ark. They could only get to the tent. They got there only by faith.
  2. They had conviction and passion-They are seeking this with great conviction and passion. They are saying my father never stood against Moses, so give us the inheritance. Ask the Lord to give us the inheritance of our father!
  3. They trusted in God’s provision for them. They were single women, they could have played the victim card. They could have complained. But they trusted God to provide for them. 4. They trusted Moses. Moses took that issue before the Presence of God.

That day the Lord caused the law to change and the daughters got the inheritance. 

  • The Word says that in the last days, on My menservants AND MY MAID servants, I will pour out my Spirit. Old men and women will see dreams and visions! The Holy Spirit is saying this to you. Be conscious of your inheritance.
  • God is moving mightily all over the world. Some people just listen to the Word and go with a religious spirit. They just listen to the word. But some people, enter into God’s presence and God’s blessing without any stress. The Holy Spirit is just taking them into it. They are conscious that God is the One giving them their inheritance. 

If there is deliverance, there is holiness, if there is holiness there is inheritance. 

This is something that I have seen on earth- Do you know what is the most important thing on earth for Jesus Christ? It is HIS church. Are you someone who is building his church, are you standing for the purpose of God? Whatever may be your inheritance- spiritual or material- it will just keep filling your hands. But the rebellious have no inheritance. Korah lost his inheritance.

Adam had sinned but then God stepped in and revealed His redemptive power. He came down and covered him with Fig leaves. Only the Blood of Jesus can cleanse you. Adam and Eve did not rebel. They sinned, and they made mistakes. God can forgive sins but rebellion is like witchcraft! 

The daughters asked for their inheritence. 


Ephesians 1:11- In Him also we have obtained an inheritance, being predestined according to the purpose of Him who works all things according to the counsel of His will,

1) HEAVEN- The greatest inheritance is Heaven. Ask each other- are you going to heaven? Jesus is the way, the truth and the life and no one can go to the Father except through me. Jesus is the Door to Heaven. 

2) CALLING- If you have a calling, your rod has to blossom. The people asked if only Moses and Aaron were called. God asked them to bring 12 sticks and place them before the tabernacle and one of them began to bud, flower and blossom and the others remained dry. The one who is called will bloom and blossom, even if you sit in the presence of God just for one night. Otherwise, if you don’t have the Calling of God, you can fast and pray for 40 days, and go to a Bible college but nothing will happen. But if you are called, life will flow through you, you will bud and blossom by sitting in God’s presence. 

One man of God told me - Some people with a calling go to Bible college and then they wait for a PhD in Theology. This is a deception of the devil. They are called butsomewhere along the line, they have not been submitted. 





  • If you want to experience the inheritance in the way and in the levels that God wants you to, you need to pray and ask God to make you someone who will stay submitted, who will build the church and who will walk in the purpose of God. Make me walk in your plans, Lord! 

The prodigal son left home and the older one said to the Father that he was here full time and that the father had not done anything or him. The Father tells him “whatever I have is all yours!” Say this- Whatever the Lord has is mine 

  • Because of the death of the father, the daughters got their inheritance. And because Jesus died for us the inheritance of the Father belongs to you. 
  • You need to know that and be conscious of your inheritance. Because of Jesus and His death on the Cross, the blessing and peace of God is your inheritance. You need to know and be certain that walking in His blessing, calling and in the end time move of the Holy Spirit is your inheritance because Christ died for you. 

I once asked a man of God whom I honour greatly - What is the unpardonable sin? 

  • He responded that it is refusing and rebelling against the Sacrifice of Christ (those that trample underfoot the Blood of Jesus Christ). But more specifically he mentioned two things: 
  1. People who refuse Christ and walk away 
  2. Those who speak and work against the church of God and the men of God 
  • These people will not walk in their inheritance. They will be religious but they will not be a part of the move of the Holy Spirit. Rebellion is like witchcraft. 
  • Do not rebel. Maybe this Word seems harsh but as a pastor I need you to know this!